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Tattoo and Body Piercing

Since Studio,a tattoo and piercing studio founded by Cece and Kaiser in 2005
Provides professional Piercing and Tattoo service
With vast experience, professional knowledge and friendly demeanor
comprehensive international sanitation standards
We provide a clean and comfortable environment which complies with international sanitation standards to assure an outstanding customer experience.

Proud Member of APP

Since Studio's piercing artist, Cece Sin
has been verified by the Association of Professional Piercers(APP)
and is the only member in the Hong Kong region.
To become a member of the Association,
aside from a high-level requirement in Piercing knowledge and experience,
there are stringent rules on the materials used for piercings during the procedure.
Our piercing studio maintains a high standard of hygiene and is equipped with sterilization equipment.
Association of Professional Piercers

Earings and Body Jewelrys

In both our online store and at our studio,
you can find the highest quality allergen-free 18kt gold/14kt gold, titanium earrings,
and body piercings specially curated from around the world by the Since team .
We stock renowned international brands such as
to provide you with the most updated and comprehensive styles.

Since Studio Membership and Points Rewards Program

Thank you for your continuous support for Since Studio,We are excited to introduce the "Since Studio Membership and Rewards Program" as a token of appreciation to our loyal customers.

This program is officially launched in July 2023.
After becoming a member, you can enjoy a 10% discount during your birthday month, enjoy exclusive monthly offers, and participate in the points reward program.
We will keep record according to the member account, so you no longer have to worry about losing the physical card!
Medical-grade sterilization equipment and procedures

Our shop strictly adheres to the strict hygiene standards set by the Association of Professional Piercers.

We use only foreign-imported piercing tools that meet international hygiene standards. All piercing tools must undergo multiple rigorous disinfection procedures before use. Before sterilizing the piercing tools, we soak them in a disinfectant solution specifically for medical equipment. After cleaning with an ultrasonic sterilizer, we individually package and seal them. Lastly, we use a medical-grade Autoclave device to perform a high temperature and high pressure sterilization treatment. We use disposable piercing needles to assure safety and sanitation.

Certified by the Association of Professional Piercers

Cece Sin is a certified member of The Association of Professional Piercers, making her the only certified professional piercer in the Hong Kong area. She strictly adheres to the highest standards of environmental hygiene, ensuring a safe and clean piercing experience for her clients. Cece's dedication to maintaining a professional and hygienic environment sets her apart as a trustworthy and reliable piercing professional. Clients can have peace of mind knowing that their health and safety are her top priorities. Whether it's a new piercing or a jewelry change, clients can rely on Cece Sin's expertise and commitment to upholding the highest standards of piercing hygiene.


Comprehensive Aftercare service

Don't know what to do in case of inflammation? Not our work, but still want professional help? Our piercing artist Cece not only has years of experience but also holds professional knowledge in wound care and skin issues. She is skilled in handling different piercing wound situations and will provide detailed care instructions before each piercing.

An additional consultation and examination fee will be charged for piercings not done in our shop.

Custom Design

Kaiser insists on original design and excels in various styles. Before the design process, we ensure detailed communication with customers. Based on the customer's preferences, favourite style, body position lines, skin color, and skin condition, Kaiser creates unique designs that belong solely to you.

Cover Up Tattoo/ Tattoo Modification

Covering a tattoo design doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be removed through laser treatment first. The reasons for modifying a tattoo usually arise from issues with the design or craftsmanship, or perhaps the meaning represented by the tattoo has changed. Before modifying the tattoo, it is necessary to have a detailed discussion with the tattoo artist to find the most suitable design solution for you.

Tattoo will accompany you for a lifetime.



Tattoos symbolize immortality, never expressing regret, and can express your individuality. However, only when coupled with the meaning of the story behind it, it becomes a mark for a lifetime.

Let the tattoo tell your story.

we tirelessly curate the latest, most diverse, and highest quality earrings and body jewelry styles from around the world for you. You're welcome to visit our piercing studio to select and purchase. Alternatively, you can peruse and choose your desired jewelry from the comfort of your home via the Since Studio online store.

Our stores and online shop offer a variety of payment methods
customers can choose to pay using EPS, Faster Payment System (FPS), Payme, and Octopus card.
We also accept credit cards, Ali-pay, and WeChat Pay,
customers can opt for PayPal for online payment, or use Payme, FPS, Octopus card, and bank transfer for offline payment.
to make shopping from home easy and secure.

While focusing on stylish and aesthetically pleasing designs,
the material used for jewelry is of utmost importance.
We have carefully selected hypoallergenic materials for your jewelry,
including 18K gold/14K gold, titanium, and medical-grade steel,
sourced directly from the United States, Canada, and other reputable locations.
Renowned brands those are certified by APP
ensuring that you can wear them with confidence.

Customers in Hong Kong who spend HKD$500 or more in the online store can enjoy free delivery through SF Express self-pickup. SF Express - SF Self Pickup point or smart locker (tracking number provided).

Tattoo and piercing aftercare products, as well as "products designed by Kaiser", are not eligible for free shipping offer.

Personal Style Earring

It sounds like you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with the wide variety of earring styles available
It's completely understandable, with so many options to choose from! But not to worry, we're here to help.

When purchasing 14kt gold/18kt gold in our store, our Ear Stylist will be more than happy to provide you with personalized Ear Styling service.

We understand that everyone has their own unique style and different ear shapes,
and that's why we're here to carefully select
and recommend the best earring styles that will suit you perfectly.
We can't wait to help you discover the perfect earrings that will complement your individual personality and enhance your natural beauty.

Internationally Renowned Brands

We are pround to introduce numerous internationally renowned brands.

14kt/18kt Gold


Besides being hypoallergenic
these brands offer exquisite designs and fine craftsmanship
that enhance your unique temperament.

Stay updated with the latest Ear Styling trends

Enhance your beauty that's uniquely yours

“Be your own kind of


Embrace your distinctive aesthetic and craft your personal style.








has been verified by the Association of Professional Piercers(APP)
and the only member in the Hong Kong region

She has obtained international professional piercer qualification.

She has a wealth of piercing experience, adept at different parts of the body piercing.
We offer comprehensive aftercare services
She has rich knowledge and in-depth research on dermatology, wound treatment, and scar handling.
Committed to promoting correct piercing knowledge
aiming to bring positive and accurate concepts to everyone.
International Piercer and Wound Treatment Certification
  • Certificate of Professional Piercing Course(Uk Offical Tattoo Academy)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens For Body and Tattoo Artist
  • Certificate of Body Piercing Apprenticeship Program(International School of BodyArt)
  • Certificate of The Ultimate Hands-On Wound Care Clinical Lab
  • Certificate of Wound Care Course of Bamboos Education- School for Talents

Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Piercing Works
Sharing Knowledge on Piercing






Commitment to the originality and uniqueness of every work
Focusing on the story and meaning behind each tattoo
Custom design tattoos according to the client's requirements
Specialize in Cover-up tattoo, splash ink style, and lettering design

Participates annually in different tattoo art conventions around the world
Engages in artistic exchanges with tattoo artists of diverse styles
Has participated in international tattoo conventions including Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Singapore, Canada, and more

Insists on original design, enjoys the joy of tattooing!

Upcoming Attendance at Tattoo Conventions
  • Taiwan International Tattoo Art Convention 2023 (Kaohsiung)
  • Hong Kong International Tattoo Convention 2023

Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Tattoo Works
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Thank you all for your continuous support for SINCE STUDIO.

Our retail, piercing, and tattoo services
are now consolidated at our new studio in Tsim Sha Tsui,
as the Kwai Chung store has closed.



Flat B ,1/F ,Hart House ,12-14 Hart Avenue ,Tsim Sha Tsui ,Kowloon ,Hong Kong


1:30p.m. - 8:00p.m.
(day off non-scheduled,please get updated with our status on social media)

【Piercing knowledge by Cece】and 【Words from Tattoo Artist Kaiser】
Bringing you small yet significant insights into piercing, ear-piercing, and tattooing,
aim to enlighten everyone on the important considerations before getting pierced or tattooed,as well as the correct aftercare.
Handling infections
and dispel some of the common misconceptions many have heard since childhood.

Reasons why silver earrings are not suitable for wearing on a new piercing wound.

Throughout the years, it has been widely believed that sterling silver earrings are suitable for daily wear. However, in terms of ear piercing or wearing on a new wound, it is not recommended for daily wear.

Review the usage of saline solution

If you have done some research before getting a piercing, you may have noticed that almost all piercers recommend using saline solution to clean the wound. Some even suggest soaking the wound in saline solution. However, have you ever wondered why the wound might still be red, swollen, or inflamed despite following these recommendations?


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