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Dirty Truth:Places harbours lots of bacteria
Beware!We are surrounded by many bacterias in our daily life, but now close are they?

Don’t touch your open wound by hands
Remember to leave your hands off your piercing!The golden rule of piercing, is never touch your new piercing with your dirty hands!Your hands are coated in bacteria that you deposit onto your new piercing each time. With our hands are one carrier of bacteria, and bacteria is the main causes of infection.

Bacterias surrounded in our daily life
Another place where full of bacteria that you may miss out, definitely is your pillowcases.We recommend to launder and replace your pillowcases and bed sheet after getting pierced.Your pillowcases can collect irritants from your hair and skin which can cause an infection .We are having close and direct contact with pillowcases over night in everyday, we should change it regularly.

How close can bacteria be? 
Last but not least, don’t miss your mobile phone and EarPods .Peoples are always carrying their mobile phone in every situation , checking cell phone even in the bathroom , or during the supper time. The cell phone often touches our face, ear lips and hand. To keep bacteria far from you, Remember to use alcohol pad clean it every day.(use alcohol pad to clean you cell phone and EarPods only!not for ear disinfection!) Keep hygiene ,keep safe!

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