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Should we use rubbing alcohol to disinfect the piercing wound?
Some people believe that using rubbing alcohol is the right way to aid in piercing healing process and for wound disinfection.The truth is we should avoid using rubbing alcohol to the open wound.

What will happen if we use rubbing alcohol to open wound?
Rubbing alcohol is made up of approximately 70-75%denatured ethanol or isopropyl,It can be used on intact skin (e.g:before injection/piercing)or sterilization of medical equipments only. When applied to open wound (piercing wound),it can caused tissue damage,pain,irritation .Actually slow down the healing process.

What should we use for disinfection?
Keeping your piercing clean is very important ,but always remember don’t over clean! Cleaning too often will dry the skin out and irritate your piercing ,as this will break your new skin too. Rubbing alcohol is perfect for cleaning earrings not for skin.we recommend use saline wash or mild soap or the products that advises by your body piercer.

Recommendation from Piercing Artist Cece