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Needle Piercing Vs Piercing Gun

Ones of the most frequently asked question definitely is,  what’s the difference between Needle piercing and Ear-Piercing Gun?Let’s talk about that. Although Piercing gun is relatively popular and cheaper than Needle piercing , there are number of factors that make ear-piercing guns unsafe and inadvisable for piercing ears.

          Needle Piercing       Ear-piercing Gun
Front-to-back alignment, the position is more accurate Align with front only, may not assure proper alignment
You can choose different styles of earrings and choose the appropriate length one-size post length with limited earring choice
less pain like micro needling pain like shoot with rubber band
Higher cost with all needle import from USA Cheaper

What factors makes gun piercing not advisable? Why needle piercing is recommended?

  • Hygiene
    Piercing gun is a reusable tool that can not completely sterilized , Gun are sanitised between uses with alcohol, but this may not kill all surface microbes.Ear-piercing gun contains plastic parts that cannot be processed in an autoclave,so there has chance to cross inflection between clients. Piercing needles are pre-sterilized,  single packing and single use only .Lower risk of inflection with a sterile ,disposable needle.
  • Cause more tissue trauma
    Using piercing gun are more traumatic and harmful (especially:cartilage)to your tissue as the use blunt force to shove earring roughly into your skin. Needle piercing is a more effiecient way ,remove small amount of skin and tissue in immediate area,It is appropriate for all placement of piercing. Compare of two type ,Needle piercing is more safe and less painful.
  • Piercing Gun only can use standard stud,Not all people skin states is the same,this kind of earrring maynot creats a enough room for the jewelly to rest. In needle piercing we have different type,length of jewelry to customilizer ,ensure have suitable space for the wound drain and to heal.

Body piercer is professional who had highly trained in inflection control,proper placement of piercing, knowledge of piercing wound. Choosing right way of your piercing is responsibility to your body. Learn more before you piercing!