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Difference between Saline wash and Dead Sea salt water

We have heard many times of saline wash for wound cleansing. Besides Saline wash , there is another popular aftercare item – Dead Sea salt water . Today we will discuss about the benefits of Dead Sea salt soak for healing piercing.What is the difference between saline wash and Dead Sea salt water?

Uses of Saline wash – For irrigate wound not infected.

Saline wash is the most commonly used irritating solution ,as a non-toxic isotonic solution.Due to its physiologic nature, it is always safe to use in wound.Saline wash has similar concentration of salt in blood, low irritation to the wounds.But it can’t treat inflammation.

Uses of Dead Sea salt water – Allergy relief ,reduce wound redness and swelling.

Dead Sea salt water ,it had 21 minerals which include magnesium ,zinc…..Magnesium significantly decrease the level of C-reactivate protein.Purpose for allergy relief ,reduce wound redness and swelling.It’s one of method of curing Eczema and dermatitis to relieve and soothing symptoms. Some dermatologist prove that soaking Dead Sea salt water can reduce inflection and relieve symptoms.
In 2005, A experiment study by The university of Germany dermatology,patient of atopic dermatitis,after 6 weeks using Dead Sea water .Skin allergy,tenderness and inflection are improved.So they believe that Dead Sea salt water can improve and strength the barrier of skin,improve the immunity and balancing skin moisture.

Please noticed ,Dead sea salt salt water only be adjuvant therapy can’t replace traditional medical.