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Do I need to make an appointment?Can I just walk-in to get a piercing?2020-09-20T21:03:25+08:00

We strongly recommend make your appointment .

Time need to be reserved for every clients is not only for the piercing process.We will have a detail explaination about the aftercare instructions before getting piercing.Also ,after choosing your preferred body jewelry or earrings, we need to disinfect it before usage for piercing. Time for prepare the preoperative working environment and tools, etc.,  There are limited hours can be arranged for clients every day.
There are a large number of piercing clients, and the walk-in may take a long time.Only limited time can be squeezed for walk-ins or may not be arranged on the same day.
We recommend making an appointment early to ensure that every client can enjoy the most attentive service.
**No appointment is accepted for gun piercing. Please visit the store directly. **
Due to the busy work of the piercer, please WhatsApp our assistant Siubo for enquiry and reservations.
For contact information, please refer to Contact Us

Is piercing easy to get inflamed?2020-09-20T20:20:04+08:00

Mainly depends on piercing wound aftercare.
No matter where the piercing placed, piercing will have a chance of inflammation, because piercing is a wound created artificially. If it is not handled properly, it will become inflamed if it is infected by bacteria. There is also the opportunity to be affected by external environmental factors while healing, including cleanliness, food, life habit , work environment, and oil secretion are the also factors that cause allergic inflammation!

To prevent inflammation after piercing, the most important thing is to pay attention to cleanliness and avoid bacterial infection. According to the nursing guidelines taught by the piercer, use the solutions provided on time to clean the wound correctly. As long as you handle it carefully, you can reduce the chance of inflammation.
The materials used in our shop are all meet the standard with anti-allergic materials (Surgical Steel/Titanium), which are guaranteed to be suitable for human implantation and suitable for daily wear. The piercing needles and piercing instruments used in the piercing process are directly imported from USA, sterilized by autoclave with high temperature and high pressure, and individually packaged. The piercing needles are disposable and will not be used repeatedly to ensure safety and hygiene!

How long can I change the earrings after ear piercing?2020-08-24T02:52:16+08:00
Generally, to avoid trapping inflection , it is best not to remove or change your earrings for the first 3 to 4 weeks.The period may be shorter or longer,it depends on on the healing progress the location of piercing.So, the time enable to change the new pierced earrings can not be generalized.
For piercing done by Since Studio, you can enjoy your aftercare service.We suggest you can come over to check by our piercer , before make any changes of earring .
Note , for the first 9 months to a year, you must keep wear earrings to ensure the wound is healed and avoid closure of piercing.
Compare between Needle and Gun Piercing2020-08-24T02:29:55+08:00
Needle piercing is the professional way of piercing and what we recommended.Generally, needle piercing relatively may not as popular as gun piercing in Hong Kong. But ear-piercing gun can use for earlobe and ear cartilage only.The one-size post length of gun piercing does not “fit all” and cannot accommodate a plump earlobe or any swelling; it is certainly not long enough to be worn in a body piercing
We highly recommend needle piercing.With our experienced piercer is highly trained in procedure, placement and sanitation techniques.Using professional sterile equipment and quality jewelry, the process of needle piercing is rather swift , safe, less damage of skin and with slightly pain only.
          Needle Piercing       Ear-piercing Gun
Using Numbing Cream Without using Numbing Cream
Front-to-back alignment, the position is more accurate Align with front only, may not assure proper alignment
You can choose different styles of earrings and choose the appropriate length one-size post length with limited earring choice
less pain like micro needling pain like shoot with rubber band
Higher cost with all needle import from USA Cheaper

Enjoy your free aftercare service within the first four weeks if there are inflection occur.
Fee will be charged for aftercare of gun piercing .
See more DETAIL in article “Needle Piercing VS Gun Piercing”


Piercing Aftercare2020-08-16T19:09:58+08:00
To assure you getting a piercing you desired in a safe way, with the lowest possible damage of skin , also provide correct nursing aftercare skills,is our piercer greatest responsibility.
There are many factors for piercing inflammation. Piercing is an artificially created wound. The most important thing is to provide a good healing environment.
  • We will provide aftercare solutions, apply regularly.
  • Leave yours hand off your piercing. Don not touch the wound with you hand except wound cleaning only.
  • Maintain your health with good immune system, which helps wounds heal.
  • Do not turn your earrings.
  • Avoid prolonged pressure on the wound.
  • Avoid hair dyeing , hair styling spray , perfume or all chemicals that come into contact with the wound.
  • Clean up the fluids regularly.
Our piercer will detail explain in how to prevent inflammation, the correct way to clean the wound, and explain the possible situations after piercing. There are also different nursing suggestions for different piercing positions and piercing type.
We hope you can listen carefully and learn more so that the wound can heal under the most ideal conditions.
If you want to learn more before piercing, welcome to visit【Piercing Knowledge by Cece 】 to provide more knowledge about piercing.
How much does piercing cost?2020-08-15T23:09:33+08:00
Each different type of ear and body piercing can vary in price, depends on piercing type(placement)and techniques required.
For Quotation of piercing service, you can check our price list by come over our studio.Or text our piercing assistant Siubo via WhatsApp for enquiry.You may send photo as reference to show her your prefer piercing type, and get the quotation.Only price of individual piercing type will be given.We don’t list our price list on-line and note that we will not send the full price list via WhatsApp .
*Attention!We accept appointments, enquiries and reservations for Needle Piercing ONLY.
Price and other enquiry about Gun piercing, please come over our studio.Your message about Gun piercing will be ignored .*
**Price are marked for one ,not for a pair**
How to enjoy aftercare service2020-08-13T10:27:27+08:00
You will receive a [Aftercare Card] issued by Since Studio along with a detail aftercare instruction .
The Aftercare care will remark about the piercing date, placement and the information of jewelry we used.
Enjoy your free aftercare service for three times ONLY if there are infection occur, within four weeks after the piercing.
(except for any body jewelry replacement done by client)
Please contact our piercing artist assistant Siubo, show her the condition before she arrange an aftercare section by piercing artist Cece.
*If there is no inflammation and the recovery is ideal, there is not necessary to check by the piercer. You can clean the wound by yourself according to the aftercare instruction taught by our piercer. *
  1. The Aftercare card valid for the first month only.
  2. For card holder only.Can not be transferred.
  3. Appointment is needed for aftercare service.
  4. Anti-inflammatory solution are not include, need to be purchased separately .
  5. Your free aftercare service will become invalid if you have done any replacement of the earrings and jewelry by yourself.
  6. Free aftercare service is for piercing work done by Since Studio piercer only, fee will be charged by piercing done by others.
  7. No replacement or extension if the aftercare card is lost ,damaged or expired.Please keep it well.
  8. Since Studio reserves the final rights to define and/or amend conditions.


How to make an tattoo appointment?2020-09-21T02:11:46+08:00
1. When clients clearly know their favorite pattern / style, they should communicate to the tattoo artist.
2. Clients can contact us via Whatsapp, email or come over our shop (appointment needed) for a consultation
    When discussing tattoo designs, please provide the following information
  • Tattoo design theme and elements(please let us know the meaning or the story behind your idea)
  • Direction of design style
       (Clients can provide patterns and photos for reference, please note that Kaiser adhere to original design, no plagiarism)
  • Color  (black and grey / color)
  • Size (Height x Width)
       (Recommend provided in centimeters (cm))
  • Placement (image of placement are recommended for reference)
   If you want a  cover up work,please provide the following information
  • Pic of your old tattoo(which show the current design and the placement clearly)
  • The ideas,concepts and styles that you prefer the most(We will only design your cover up with the ideas and elements you love,to make sure the new piece you won’t regret)
  • Color(Black and grey / color)
  • The size you think is accectabele after the modification(Height / Width)
       (Recommend provided in centimeters (cm))
  • Consultation section at the studio is needed for checking the situation of the current work,damage of the skin,space for us to work for the cover up ,also for the further discussion of the design,after the evaluation on Whatsapp.
3.During the consultation, we will have a further discussion about the direction of the tattoo design,to make sure we can give you the best and most suitable design
4. Tattoo artist will be give you an quote according to  the complexity of the design and the time required.
5. Agreed with the design and the price quotation with our tattoo artist,you can make an appointment with us.
In this case,
6. Deposit is required to all tattoo bookings, we will confirm your reservation when the deposit payment is done
Attention before making appointment2020-09-21T02:08:24+08:00
  1. Appointments only.We dont take walk-ins.
  2. Our tattoo artist Kaiser’s schedule are usually pretty full.It takes 1 to 2 months to schedule a tattoo appointment.Thank you for your patience .
  3. For tattoo appointments and inquiries, please whatsapp to +852 97554308 Kaiser
    Or email to info@sincestudiohk.com
    Due to busy work, will get back to you withinf 7 to 10 days, thank you for your patience
    (Please contact via WhatsApp only, don’t call directly, it is inconvenient to answer the call during working)
  4. We are not copy cats!We only tattoo with original custom design, the photos or images provied by clients are only as reference, we never copy the same design from other artist.
  5. Please help us keep our consultation smoothly with using words of clear meaning,
    easy-understanding description within the consultation process.
    e.g. About the size,please let us know about it with the measurment in centimeters(cm)
    but never describewith words like”size like a cigarette box””palm size”or”medium size” etc.
  6. Tattoo last for lifetime,any idea/concepts that you may have tiny chance to regret with,will be rejected by Kaiser.
       e.g. lover/couple ‘s name,barcode,or anything we think you should need more consideration.
  7. All the tattoo works are originally and custom design with our heart and love,each design only done once,please support and respect original design,DO NOT COPY
  8. We will show you the design ONLY on the day of the appointment at our studio ,no preview in any media like WhatsApp or email.
    We will do the adjustment right away if needed,before you completely satisfy with the design.
  9. Sleep well and no alcohol the night before tattooing.
  10. There will be a confirmation message send to you 2 to 3 days before the day of our appiontment,please always be polite to her ^^.
  11. Make sure arrange blood donation before getting tattoo, since we can’t donate blood for a year afterward.Help safe lives!
Deposit policy2020-09-21T01:56:40+08:00
After the consultation,we will give you the price quotation when we have the clearly understand of your request about the design.Then you can make your appointment with us.
  • Appointments must be booked in advance.
  • The deposit is for one single design only and it is HKD$1000.-
       You can complete the payment by
       1. FPS or bank transfer to the Bank of China / HSBC
       3.Paypal(transaction fee is needed)
       4.come over our shop pay via cash / EPS
  • If your tattoo is a multi-section piece,the deposit will held till the last section.
  • Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Please inform us ASAP if you need any changes or reschedule your appointment.Please note that you can reschedule your appointment one time only.
  • For reschedule appointment,please make sure you make your reservation within an year(starting from the date of your original appointment),or it will be canceled.
Please note that the deposit will required only when both tattoo artist and clients have reached a consensus about the design and the price quotation.Please make sure to have a good communication before seting up an appointment.
The following will void your deposit (no exceptions):
1.Cancellation of scheduled appointment
2.Client not showing up for scheduled appointment(NO SHOW)
3.If you need to reschedule your appointment,please inform us 3 days prior to scheduled appointment.
   or it will be canceled less than 3 days.
4.Reservation time is to ensure that each client has ample time to get the tattoo work done, please be punctual
   More than 30 minutes late to scheduled appointment will be deemed to be canceled
5.Changing the complete idea/concept of agreed design
Does tattoo hurt?2020-09-21T01:52:13+08:00

During the tattoo process, there will be a feeling of scratching to the sunburnt skin. The degree of tattoo pain is something most people can tolerate! Everyone will react differently to the feeling of the tattoo, and the degree of pain will vary depending on the location of the tattoo.
Sensitive parts of the body or areas with less subcutaneous fat have the opportunity to feel greater pain. Our physical health, different skin conditions, and different resting states can also affect pain. But it is definitely not the severity of pain as imagined.
When tattooing, the brain secretes endorphins, which can also help relieve pain. Endorphins are a neurotransmitter that is secreted by the peripheral system of the brain and is related to emotional control. When we feel pain, the concentration of endorphins in the brain increases, which helps reduce pain and anesthetize neurotransmitters. The concentration of endorphins also increases when you are stressed, which may help relieve tension. It is often heard that tattoos are addictive, and it is indeed the effect of endorphin.

Most painful part on body2020-09-21T01:40:54+08:00

Usually, the most sensitive parts of the body and the most concentrated parts of the terminal nerves will feel more painful when tattooing.
For example, near the sex organs, nipples, ribs, inner thighs, armpits, etc.
In addition, softer skin, such as near the inner side of the joints, may have more redness and swelling and more intense pain .

How long does tattoo take?2020-09-21T01:13:04+08:00

Pattern design, complexity and color effect, etc., will all affect the time required for the tattoo.
Therefore, even if the size of the pattern is the same, different with the design of lining , effects of colouring and tattoo technique required, takes differences in time needed to get tattoo done .
In addition, areas with loosen skin, such as the belly, will take a long time to build up color.
Of course, get enough rest before tattooing to keep your body in a better state, and stay relaxed during the tattoo process. Don’t move around, so the tattoo can be completed faster and more smoothly.

How much would tattoo cost?2020-09-21T01:04:49+08:00

Our minimum charge starts from HKD$1000. Tattoo price is based on the design of the tattoo pattern, not on an hourly basis, nor can it be calculated solely on the size of the tattoo design.
The actual price depends on the following factors

  • Pattern design complexity
  • Size
  • Color
  • Tattoo skills requirements

Consultation fee is NOT needed for both WhatsApp inquiry or studio face-to face consultation . Our tattoo artist will give you a quotation after the further discussion.
It takes more complicated skills and techniques for tattoo cover up, also takes longer time to design. The charge will be slightly higher than the general tattoo design.

Can I swim after getting tattoo?2020-09-21T00:54:54+08:00

We are not recommend to swim after getting tattoo. There are countless of bacteria in beaches, swimming pools, hot springs or streams. If there are wounds on the body, bacteria will take the opportunity to invade the body and increase the risk of infection. Generally, a temporary connective tissue is formed to protect the wound after the wound scabs. When the wound epidermis and tissues grow out, the scab will naturally scab and fall off; when the epidermis has not grown out and the body does not have a protective layer, let bacteria invade. Cause infection.

Ultraviolet rays in the sun affect skin pigments and cause pigmentation. We suggest that no matter how long the tattoo were done, it is necessary to apply sunscreen protecting lotion for protection when swimming, basking in the sun or outdoor activities under strong sunlight, which will affect the color of the tattoo. We recommend that you use sunscreen lotion after the tattoo wound has fully recovered for three weeks.

Therefore, if you want to swim after a tattoo, we recommend that wait till you can apply sunscreen lotion , that is, three weeks after recovery is ideal.

Can I take a shower after getting the tattoo?2020-09-21T00:48:59+08:00

Since tattoos damage the skin more superficially, you can take a shower after tattooing.Remember to take shower only, not to bathe and soak .
We recommend not to wrap the tattoo area when taking a shower. Pay attention to using warm water, avoid using hot water.
And avoid direct washing the tattoo area with soap. After each shower, it should be pad try with a clean paper towel.
After cleaning your hands, or use a cotton stud to apply a thin layer tattoo ointment. Remember to keep the wound dry.
If the tattooed area is where your hair will reachable, it is recommended to dry the hair after washing.

Under what circumstances is not appropriate to get tattoo?2020-09-21T00:40:14+08:00

We recommend you not to get tattoo under the following circumstances .

  1. For wounded skin, you need to wait until the wound is fully recovered before getting a tattoo.
  2. It is not suitable for tattoos after drinking alcohol, sickness such as cold and fever, pregnancy, diabetes, people in a long-term drugs and medical treatment, or under the influence of drugs.
  3. We recommend that you can soak in hot springs, swim and sunbathe at least three weeks after tattoo recovery. The sunburnt skin are damaged and not able to get tattooed, has wait till skin back to its normal state after peeling. Therefore, if there are any travel arrangements, please pay special attention to the appointment date.
  4. Since blood donating will be rejected for getting tattoo within a year, we hope everyone can donate blood to save lives. Please arrange a blood donation time two days in advance of the tattoo appointment date. To ensure your body has enough time to rest , avoid get tattoo on the blood donation day or day before.
  5. It should be noted that there must be adequate sleep and rest, be adequately fed  and no hypoglycemia to avoid dizziness .
  6. During menstruation, as long as there is no physical discomfort, you can get a tattoo.
    In case of any special circumstances, it is recommended to consult a tattoo artist or doctor first.
Cover up tattoo2020-09-21T00:26:29+08:00
Laser reveal is not the only way to deal with a regretted tattoo.
Not every old tattoo need a laser treatment before coverup or modification .
To cover up an old tattoo, depends on
  1. Design and linework of the old one
  2. (To prevent another chance of regrettable tattoo, we recommend to cover your old tattoo with elements and topics you truly like.)Think of as many theme as you can,Kaiser will pick the one which suit the cover-up done the most.
  3. Skin conditions and degree of skin damage.
  4. The size you can accept after cover up
  5. The placement and space of the original tattoo.
Every tattoo cover up or modification needs to arrange a consultation section at our studio for further discussion.
During the face-to-face interview, we will discuss the appropriate design plan with clients. We will make a design based on the themes and elements you like. We will make suggestions based on your preferences (please consider your preferred pattern themes, elements and design styles before making an consultation appointment)
There are lots of limitation cover up a tattoo, not every cover-ups can be done in a perfect result. Therefore, you must carefully consider and think twice before getting a tattoo.
Tattoo is a lifetime matter!
Can we tattoo to cover a scar?2020-09-21T00:16:23+08:00

It depends on the circumstances of the scars. If it is protruding sarcoma, is not able to tattoo, the layer of skin pigment would resist. The scar must be fully recovered and mature and stable .
Slightly damaged scars may take several months to half a year to recover. Larger wounds may take a year or more to recover. The length of skin recovery depends on the degree of injury, location, skin nature, age, and scar aftercare.
We recommend giving scars at least one to two years of growth and recovery time to ensure that the skin layer on the wound grows mature and stable for the best result.
Most scars can be covered, but if it is a raised sarcoma/granulation, it cannot be colored, and the skin will resist the color.
And because the scar tissue is different from the normal skin layer, there is a chance that the color will be inconsistent with the normal skin when tattooing over, and there is a chance of fading (dissolving).
In addition, when covering with a tattoo design, it is necessary to design a suitable pattern according to the type of scar. Please consult your tattoo artist for professional advice.

How long for tattoo recovery?2020-09-21T00:07:45+08:00

The time required for tattoo recovery are varies, depending on the physique of the customer, the method of aftercare and the degree of damage to the skin. The tattoo techniques required for different patterns , causes different levels of damage to the skin.
It usually takes seven to ten days for tattoo wounds to scab and peel. During the recovery period, you will feel a little itchy, then the surface become wrinkles, and finally return to its original color.
Remember not to scratch it, so as not to affect the color and cause inflection with bacteria.
The skin growth cycle is 28 days, and it takes about one to two cycles to fully recover, that is, 28 to 56 days.
Therefore, even after the tattoo has passed the crusting stage, it is normal for the new tattoo still itchy.
During the recovery period, it is recommended to avoid certain food and apply tattoo ointment to help accelerate the repair of the skin.
In addition, the color of tattoos on dry skin will be lighter, which is normal.

Is there any charges for tattoo design?2020-09-20T23:35:55+08:00

Our tattoo artist Kaiser only tattoo with her own design, design brought by client only use as reference. Design are part of our tattoo service. and no design fee is required.
All tattoo design are custom-made, clients should consult tattoo artist with preferred tattoo style , idea , placement size etc.with further discussion with  tattoo artist in order to design the ideal pattern. When reviewing the designs, don’t be hesitated if there are any changes needed.
Deposit is needed to set up an appointment. The following will void your deposit (no exceptions):

1.Cancellation of scheduled appointment
2.Client not showing up for scheduled appointment(NO SHOW)
3.If you need to reschedule your appointment,please inform us 3 days prior to scheduled appointment.
   or it will be canceled less than 3 days.
4.Reservation time is to ensure that each client has ample time to get the tattoo work done, please be punctual
   More than 30 minutes late to scheduled appointment will be deemed to be canceled
5.Changing the complete idea/concept of agreed design

The deposit will be treated as a drawing fee and will not be refunded. For details of the deposit, please refer to the deposit policy.

Online Shop

Shopping process and guide2020-08-13T10:03:23+08:00
Shop product→Check out→Filling information→Payment→Order placed
  1. Shop product
    In Since Studio online shop, you can find earrings and body jewelries in all style. We have sort our product in different categories by piercing parts and collections .You may also choose by filter. All information about size , gauge, material etc. are detaile listed in every product description Please read to ensure the jewelries fits you well.Since Studio online shop will have promotion for online customer irregularly.
  2. Shop and Check out
    Some products will provide different colour or size option, on the product page , select your choice and quantity, then click[add to cart]You will stay at the product page after adding the product to cart, you can click [Check the cart] to see what you have choose, or slide back to the previous page to keep shopping. When you have finished your shopping, go to the top of page, you will see the [cart] ,click to enter the Cart page.
  3. Filling information
    • You dont need to register before shopping. Make sure you have double check your cart, to ensure the product, quantity ,colour and size are correct. Remember to refresh the cart if there are any changes made.
    • Since Studio online shop will have promotion for online customer irregularly.If you have a promote code, please fill the code and press [Use the coupon]
    • Check on the Shopping cart total, and choose the shipping method. For clients of Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan , will enjoy free shipping when shopping over specific amount. In case the[free shipping] option do not show up, you can click [Check out] first, to fill in all information like name, phone number, email and shipping address /SF Express self pick-up point .After the system judges that your order meets the free shipping conditions, you will be able to choose the free shipping option on the final confirmation page.
    • Direct to the billing information page, make sure fill in your name, phone number , email address/SF Express self pick-up point correctly.Please tick to [Subscribe our newsletter] to get updates and discount from us.Then press[Continue]
    • Leave the box blank if your billing address is different from shipping address, tick the box and fill the shipping address if needed.Leave a message on the Remarks if you have any request like need print-out invoice .
    • Last pre-view on your order, then tick the shipping method. (The free shipping option will show up if your order meets the free shipping conditions)
  4. Payment
    Choose your payment method, online payment with MasterCard /Visa /AMEX /Alipay (online payment service provided by Stripe) , or follow the direction to  pay by offline payment ( Bank transfer/FPS/Payme).Tick the box after read the website terms and conditions.Then finish the payment
  5. Order placed
    Your order will be confirm and place after you finish the payment. A confirmation email will send to you immediately . It may take a day or two for us to complete your order .
Payment method for online shopping2022-07-29T17:54:17+08:00
We are supporting both offline and online payment.Price are all marked in Hong Kong Dollar.
  • Offline payment
     1. Bank deposit / transfer Or Wire Transaction(Bank of China / HSBC)
    After an order has been placed, bank information will shown on the check out page .
    when using ATM for the transaction ,please remember to take the deposit slip, with your name, phone number and order number written on it, capture and send to us via WhatsApp .
    Noted with your name, phone number and order number while using wire transaction ,  capture and send to us via WhatsApp .

    After an order has been placed, FPS ID of SINCE STUDIO will be shown on the check out page .
    Noted with your name, phone number and order number ,  capture and send to us via WhatsApp .

    After an order has been placed, a QR Code and payment link for Payme will be shown on the check out page .
    Please scan the QR Code or click the link ,fill your invoice number into the notice field,enter the amount, then you can pay to us directly .
    Noted with your name, phone number and order number ,  capture and send to us via WhatsApp .

    After an order has been placed, a QR Code for Octopus payment will shown on the check out page .
    Please use the “Octopus App” to scan the QR Code ,enter the amount then you can pay to us directly . If you can not pay with QR code, you can text us via the WhatsApp to get the payment link.Noted with your name, phone number and order number ,  capture and send to us via WhatsApp .

We will process your order immediately after confirming the payment.
*It is recommended to pay within three days after the order is placed to avoid cancellation of the order*

  • Online payment
  1. Ali-Pay
    Safety payment service provided by Paymentasia .
  2. WeChat Pay
    Safety payment service provided by Paymentasia .
  3. Pay Pal(3.9%transaction fee will be charged.Safety payment provided by Paypal)We accept MasterCard , Visa , American Express and Union Pay.Additional transaction fee 3.9% will be added to the bill.Checkout with paypal with a paypal account or just using credit card. All credit card payments are processed in real time. Once your credit card payment is verified, we will process your order immediately.
Anti-allergy Material2022-07-26T19:02:18+08:00
  • All earrings and body jewelries sell in Since Studio are in anti-allergy material.
    Suitable for daily wear. We mainly recommend
    • 14K Gold
    • 316L implant grade Surgical Steel
    • Titanium Grade23
  • Detail information about material and size listed in product description.
  • Please ensure you have completely read and confirm all information, make sure the earrings and body jewelries fits you well.
  1. 14K Gold

    If you are searching for best gold jewelry, you will find out 14K gold definitely your best choice.
    Why not 24K gold but 14K Gold?
    24K Gold is one of the softest and the most malleable forms of precious metals,the result of the crafting would be too soft, susceptible to bending, scratching, and denting, high level of purity is also less dense compared to the lower karatage gold, which is why it isn’t often used in jewelry. It warps and bends easily, and it’s therefore not great for earrings and body piercing – you need a metal capable of retaining its shape for the best jewelry.
    14K gold has a rich color, with the classic gold appearance ,great mix of purity, durability and value for money.Its color is slightly less saturated, making it an excellent choice if you want jewelry that’s rich and attractive but not overly yellow.The main advantages of 14K gold are its durability and affordability

  2. Titanium Grade23

    If your skin is very sensitive and allergic ,or you are not in Hong Kong during the initial recovery period after getting pierced, it is highly recommended that you choose Grade 23 Titanium titanium earrings, which can greatly reduce the chance of inflammation. G23 Titanium is very suitable for implant into the human body because it has excellent biocompatibility and can reduce skin rejection. At the same time, the weight is relatively light, which can reduce the pressure on the wound. It has strong corrosion resistance and Nickel Free. Nickel is the main material causes allergies !) So for new wounds, Titanium is the best choice! But there are still disadvantages for titanium, because the price is higher and the less choice of style .But if we want our piercing heal faster and better in much ideal way ,don’t  use earrings or body jewelries in heavy weight and fancy style.Rather use in better quality , to speed up our healing period,  it is never too late to change jewelries till it is ready!

  3. 316L implant grade Surgical Steel

    Generally, stainless steel is grade 301 and 304, which are mainly used in daily life and industrial use, respectively, in terms of carbon content and chromium content. 316L surgical steel has the lower content of carbon , good level of hardness and is not resistant to human body and is not allergic. It is widely used in medical equipment (implantable bone nails, steel plates, etc.), and will not occurs corrosion, colour fading, deformation , allergies and other problems. It can maintain the bigness of color and is not easy to deform, and can make the accessories more diversified. It is used for most earrings and body rings.

    *The gold or rose gold plating surgical steel or titanium earrings sold in this shop , are all plated and are not made of K gold. They may fade after wearing them for a long time. If you have skin allergies, please be careful and choose with 14K gold. *
    **All earrings are made of anti-allergic medical steel, and the decorative parts(Charm) are made of mixed metal. There is a chance of oxidation or discoloration after long wearing. **

  4. Silicon/Acrylic

    Lighter weight, suitable for color printing onto the jewelries , leading earrings and jewelries more diverse in style. In case going to work or school is not suitable for wearing, you can choose a transparent body jewelries made of these material. Note that the acrylic is relatively soft, it is not suitable for replacement when the piercing is not fully recovered. Please consult your piercer.

  5. 925Sliver

    As one of the noble metals,Silver 925 means the composition is [92.5% silver + 7.5% copper], which is an internationally standard for silver. Because 99.9% pure silver is way too soft, it is difficult to shape and deform. Therefore, 92.5% is the best ratio between hardness and purity, and the surface has a glossy texture. Silver can prevent the growth of bacteria. The standard sterling silver 925, generally speaking, will not cause allergic reactions. However, it must be noted that it is not suitable for long-term wearing. Silver is easily oxidized, and it becomes yellow or even black. If it is not cleaned properly, it is easy to cause pigment and dirt deposits to accumulate in the ear holes. At the same time, sterling silver is softer than surgical steel and titanium, making the earrings prone to deformation.

Jewelry Size Chart2021-07-07T01:47:52+08:00
All information you need to know about earrings and body jewelries detail listed in the product description, like gauge, length, material etc..

Please refer to this [Jewelry Size Chart] as reference


*This Jewelry Size Chart are made by Since Studio.Please do not copy and for any commercial usage.All Right Reserved.*

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    1.Refund the out-of-stock items, and ship the rest of your order to you.
    2.Ship the rest of your order to you first, when the the out-of-stock items are back in stock ,we will be dispatched immediately.
  • If the out-of-stock items can not be replenished, we can arrange an replacement with other same value item, or refund.
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  • SF Express – self pick-up point
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    Please check out Pick-up point ,found the SF self pick-up point near by , fill the code into the field.
^^[Tattoo and Piercing aftercare product ]and[Product design by Kaiser] are not selling over HongKong area.
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We do not accept any returns for earrings /body jewelries due to hygiene reason.No returns /refund except for product damage.Please read our refund policy.

  • Please make sure you have read and confirm the product description listed on every item.Information about material, gauge and length etc. are all listed in the description.Read carefully to ensure the earrings/body jewelries fits you well.No refund or return if you purchase with wrong size of earrings and body jewelries.You can refer to [Jewelry Size Chart]
  • Due to equipment ,light and display, and other factors may lead to colour, the final colour to the actual delivery of the product.
  • We do not accept order cancellation from order placed to parcel delivered and received .
  • We will double check our product ,to ensure they are in best condition and quality before we deliver.Please contact us if you need a photo taken before the item is packed and shipped .
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  • No return with [ON SALE] item.
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  • Refund while the item is out of stock.
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