• All earrings and body jewelries sell in Since Studio are in anti-allergy material.
    Suitable for daily wear. We mainly recommend
    • 14K Gold
    • 316L implant grade Surgical Steel
    • Titanium Grade23
  • Detail information about material and size listed in product description.
  • Please ensure you have completely read and confirm all information, make sure the earrings and body jewelries fits you well.
  1. 14K Gold

    If you are searching for best gold jewelry, you will find out 14K gold definitely your best choice.
    Why not 24K gold but 14K Gold?
    24K Gold is one of the softest and the most malleable forms of precious metals,the result of the crafting would be too soft, susceptible to bending, scratching, and denting, high level of purity is also less dense compared to the lower karatage gold, which is why it isn’t often used in jewelry. It warps and bends easily, and it’s therefore not great for earrings and body piercing – you need a metal capable of retaining its shape for the best jewelry.
    14K gold has a rich color, with the classic gold appearance ,great mix of purity, durability and value for money.Its color is slightly less saturated, making it an excellent choice if you want jewelry that’s rich and attractive but not overly yellow.The main advantages of 14K gold are its durability and affordability

  2. Titanium Grade23

    If your skin is very sensitive and allergic ,or you are not in Hong Kong during the initial recovery period after getting pierced, it is highly recommended that you choose Grade 23 Titanium titanium earrings, which can greatly reduce the chance of inflammation. G23 Titanium is very suitable for implant into the human body because it has excellent biocompatibility and can reduce skin rejection. At the same time, the weight is relatively light, which can reduce the pressure on the wound. It has strong corrosion resistance and Nickel Free. Nickel is the main material causes allergies !) So for new wounds, Titanium is the best choice! But there are still disadvantages for titanium, because the price is higher and the less choice of style .But if we want our piercing heal faster and better in much ideal way ,don’t  use earrings or body jewelries in heavy weight and fancy style.Rather use in better quality , to speed up our healing period,  it is never too late to change jewelries till it is ready!

  3. 316L implant grade Surgical Steel

    Generally, stainless steel is grade 301 and 304, which are mainly used in daily life and industrial use, respectively, in terms of carbon content and chromium content. 316L surgical steel has the lower content of carbon , good level of hardness and is not resistant to human body and is not allergic. It is widely used in medical equipment (implantable bone nails, steel plates, etc.), and will not occurs corrosion, colour fading, deformation , allergies and other problems. It can maintain the bigness of color and is not easy to deform, and can make the accessories more diversified. It is used for most earrings and body rings.

    *The gold or rose gold plating surgical steel or titanium earrings sold in this shop , are all plated and are not made of K gold. They may fade after wearing them for a long time. If you have skin allergies, please be careful and choose with 14K gold. *
    **All earrings are made of anti-allergic medical steel, and the decorative parts(Charm) are made of mixed metal. There is a chance of oxidation or discoloration after long wearing. **

  4. Silicon/Acrylic

    Lighter weight, suitable for color printing onto the jewelries , leading earrings and jewelries more diverse in style. In case going to work or school is not suitable for wearing, you can choose a transparent body jewelries made of these material. Note that the acrylic is relatively soft, it is not suitable for replacement when the piercing is not fully recovered. Please consult your piercer.

  5. 925Sliver

    As one of the noble metals,Silver 925 means the composition is [92.5% silver + 7.5% copper], which is an internationally standard for silver. Because 99.9% pure silver is way too soft, it is difficult to shape and deform. Therefore, 92.5% is the best ratio between hardness and purity, and the surface has a glossy texture. Silver can prevent the growth of bacteria. The standard sterling silver 925, generally speaking, will not cause allergic reactions. However, it must be noted that it is not suitable for long-term wearing. Silver is easily oxidized, and it becomes yellow or even black. If it is not cleaned properly, it is easy to cause pigment and dirt deposits to accumulate in the ear holes. At the same time, sterling silver is softer than surgical steel and titanium, making the earrings prone to deformation.