1. Appointments only.We dont take walk-ins.
  2. Our tattoo artist Kaiser’s schedule are usually pretty full.It takes 1 to 2 months to schedule a tattoo appointment.Thank you for your patience .
  3. For tattoo appointments and inquiries, please whatsapp to +852 97554308 Kaiser
    Or email to info@sincestudiohk.com
    Due to busy work, will get back to you withinf 7 to 10 days, thank you for your patience
    (Please contact via WhatsApp only, don’t call directly, it is inconvenient to answer the call during working)
  4. We are not copy cats!We only tattoo with original custom design, the photos or images provied by clients are only as reference, we never copy the same design from other artist.
  5. Please help us keep our consultation smoothly with using words of clear meaning,
    easy-understanding description within the consultation process.
    e.g. About the size,please let us know about it with the measurment in centimeters(cm)
    but never describewith words like”size like a cigarette box””palm size”or”medium size” etc.
  6. Tattoo last for lifetime,any idea/concepts that you may have tiny chance to regret with,will be rejected by Kaiser.
       e.g. lover/couple ‘s name,barcode,or anything we think you should need more consideration.
  7. All the tattoo works are originally and custom design with our heart and love,each design only done once,please support and respect original design,DO NOT COPY
  8. We will show you the design ONLY on the day of the appointment at our studio ,no preview in any media like WhatsApp or email.
    We will do the adjustment right away if needed,before you completely satisfy with the design.
  9. Sleep well and no alcohol the night before tattooing.
  10. There will be a confirmation message send to you 2 to 3 days before the day of our appiontment,please always be polite to her ^^.
  11. Make sure arrange blood donation before getting tattoo, since we can’t donate blood for a year afterward.Help safe lives!