We are not recommend to swim after getting tattoo. There are countless of bacteria in beaches, swimming pools, hot springs or streams. If there are wounds on the body, bacteria will take the opportunity to invade the body and increase the risk of infection. Generally, a temporary connective tissue is formed to protect the wound after the wound scabs. When the wound epidermis and tissues grow out, the scab will naturally scab and fall off; when the epidermis has not grown out and the body does not have a protective layer, let bacteria invade. Cause infection.

Ultraviolet rays in the sun affect skin pigments and cause pigmentation. We suggest that no matter how long the tattoo were done, it is necessary to apply sunscreen protecting lotion for protection when swimming, basking in the sun or outdoor activities under strong sunlight, which will affect the color of the tattoo. We recommend that you use sunscreen lotion after the tattoo wound has fully recovered for three weeks.

Therefore, if you want to swim after a tattoo, we recommend that wait till you can apply sunscreen lotion , that is, three weeks after recovery is ideal.