It depends on the circumstances of the scars. If it is protruding sarcoma, is not able to tattoo, the layer of skin pigment would resist. The scar must be fully recovered and mature and stable .
Slightly damaged scars may take several months to half a year to recover. Larger wounds may take a year or more to recover. The length of skin recovery depends on the degree of injury, location, skin nature, age, and scar aftercare.
We recommend giving scars at least one to two years of growth and recovery time to ensure that the skin layer on the wound grows mature and stable for the best result.
Most scars can be covered, but if it is a raised sarcoma/granulation, it cannot be colored, and the skin will resist the color.
And because the scar tissue is different from the normal skin layer, there is a chance that the color will be inconsistent with the normal skin when tattooing over, and there is a chance of fading (dissolving).
In addition, when covering with a tattoo design, it is necessary to design a suitable pattern according to the type of scar. Please consult your tattoo artist for professional advice.