Needle piercing is the professional way of piercing and what we recommended.Generally, needle piercing relatively may not as popular as gun piercing in Hong Kong. But ear-piercing gun can use for earlobe and ear cartilage only.The one-size post length of gun piercing does not “fit all” and cannot accommodate a plump earlobe or any swelling; it is certainly not long enough to be worn in a body piercing
We highly recommend needle piercing.With our experienced piercer is highly trained in procedure, placement and sanitation techniques.Using professional sterile equipment and quality jewelry, the process of needle piercing is rather swift , safe, less damage of skin and with slightly pain only.
          Needle Piercing       Ear-piercing Gun
Using Numbing Cream Without using Numbing Cream
Front-to-back alignment, the position is more accurate Align with front only, may not assure proper alignment
You can choose different styles of earrings and choose the appropriate length one-size post length with limited earring choice
less pain like micro needling pain like shoot with rubber band
Higher cost with all needle import from USA Cheaper

Enjoy your free aftercare service within the first four weeks if there are inflection occur.
Fee will be charged for aftercare of gun piercing .
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