Laser reveal is not the only way to deal with a regretted tattoo.
Not every old tattoo need a laser treatment before coverup or modification .
To cover up an old tattoo, depends on
  1. Design and linework of the old one
  2. (To prevent another chance of regrettable tattoo, we recommend to cover your old tattoo with elements and topics you truly like.)Think of as many theme as you can,Kaiser will pick the one which suit the cover-up done the most.
  3. Skin conditions and degree of skin damage.
  4. The size you can accept after cover up
  5. The placement and space of the original tattoo.
Every tattoo cover up or modification needs to arrange a consultation section at our studio for further discussion.
During the face-to-face interview, we will discuss the appropriate design plan with clients. We will make a design based on the themes and elements you like. We will make suggestions based on your preferences (please consider your preferred pattern themes, elements and design styles before making an consultation appointment)
There are lots of limitation cover up a tattoo, not every cover-ups can be done in a perfect result. Therefore, you must carefully consider and think twice before getting a tattoo.
Tattoo is a lifetime matter!