After the consultation,we will give you the price quotation when we have the clearly understand of your request about the design.Then you can make your appointment with us.
  • Appointments must be booked in advance.
  • The deposit is for one single design only and it is HKD$2000.-
       You can complete the payment by
       1. FPS or bank transfer to the Bank of China / HSBC
       3.Paypal(transaction fee is needed)
       4.come over our shop pay via cash / EPS
  • If your tattoo is a multi-section piece,the deposit will held till the last section.
  • Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Please inform us ASAP if you need any changes or reschedule your appointment.Please note that you can reschedule your appointment one time only.
  • For reschedule appointment,please make sure you make your reservation within an year(starting from the date of your original appointment),or it will be canceled.
Please note that the deposit will required only when both tattoo artist and clients have reached a consensus about the design and the price quotation.Please make sure to have a good communication before seting up an appointment.
The following will void your deposit (no exceptions):
1.Cancellation of scheduled appointment
2.Client not showing up for scheduled appointment(NO SHOW)
3.If you need to reschedule your appointment,please inform us 3 days prior to scheduled appointment.
   or it will be canceled less than 3 days.
4.Reservation time is to ensure that each client has ample time to get the tattoo work done, please be punctual
   More than 30 minutes late to scheduled appointment will be deemed to be canceled
5.Changing the complete idea/concept of agreed design