The time required for tattoo recovery are varies, depending on the physique of the customer, the method of aftercare and the degree of damage to the skin. The tattoo techniques required for different patterns , causes different levels of damage to the skin.
It usually takes seven to ten days for tattoo wounds to scab and peel. During the recovery period, you will feel a little itchy, then the surface become wrinkles, and finally return to its original color.
Remember not to scratch it, so as not to affect the color and cause inflection with bacteria.
The skin growth cycle is 28 days, and it takes about one to two cycles to fully recover, that is, 28 to 56 days.
Therefore, even after the tattoo has passed the crusting stage, it is normal for the new tattoo still itchy.
During the recovery period, it is recommended to avoid certain food and apply tattoo ointment to help accelerate the repair of the skin.
In addition, the color of tattoos on dry skin will be lighter, which is normal.