You will receive a [Aftercare Card] issued by Since Studio along with a detail aftercare instruction .
The Aftercare care will remark about the piercing date, placement and the information of jewelry we used.
Enjoy your free aftercare service for three times ONLY if there are infection occur, within four weeks after the piercing.
(except for any body jewelry replacement done by client)
Please contact our piercing artist assistant Siubo, show her the condition before she arrange an aftercare section by piercing artist Cece.
*If there is no inflammation and the recovery is ideal, there is not necessary to check by the piercer. You can clean the wound by yourself according to the aftercare instruction taught by our piercer. *
  1. The Aftercare card valid for the first month only.
  2. For card holder only.Can not be transferred.
  3. Appointment is needed for aftercare service.
  4. Anti-inflammatory solution are not include, need to be purchased separately .
  5. Your free aftercare service will become invalid if you have done any replacement of the earrings and jewelry by yourself.
  6. Free aftercare service is for piercing work done by Since Studio piercer only, fee will be charged by piercing done by others.
  7. No replacement or extension if the aftercare card is lost ,damaged or expired.Please keep it well.
  8. Since Studio reserves the final rights to define and/or amend conditions.