1. When clients clearly know their favorite pattern / style, they should communicate to the tattoo artist.
2. Clients can contact us via Whatsapp, email or come over our shop (appointment needed) for a consultation
    When discussing tattoo designs, please provide the following information
  • Tattoo design theme and elements(please let us know the meaning or the story behind your idea)
  • Direction of design style
       (Clients can provide patterns and photos for reference, please note that Kaiser adhere to original design, no plagiarism)
  • Color  (black and grey / color)
  • Size (Height x Width)
       (Recommend provided in centimeters (cm))
  • Placement (image of placement are recommended for reference)
   If you want a  cover up work,please provide the following information
  • Pic of your old tattoo(which show the current design and the placement clearly)
  • The ideas,concepts and styles that you prefer the most(We will only design your cover up with the ideas and elements you love,to make sure the new piece you won’t regret)
  • Color(Black and grey / color)
  • The size you think is accectabele after the modification(Height / Width)
       (Recommend provided in centimeters (cm))
  • Consultation section at the studio is needed for checking the situation of the current work,damage of the skin,space for us to work for the cover up ,also for the further discussion of the design,after the evaluation on Whatsapp.
3.During the consultation, we will have a further discussion about the direction of the tattoo design,to make sure we can give you the best and most suitable design
4. Tattoo artist will be give you an quote according to  the complexity of the design and the time required.
5. Agreed with the design and the price quotation with our tattoo artist,you can make an appointment with us.
In this case,
6. Deposit is required to all tattoo bookings, we will confirm your reservation when the deposit payment is done