Mainly depends on piercing wound aftercare.
No matter where the piercing placed, piercing will have a chance of inflammation, because piercing is a wound created artificially. If it is not handled properly, it will become inflamed if it is infected by bacteria. There is also the opportunity to be affected by external environmental factors while healing, including cleanliness, food, life habit , work environment, and oil secretion are the also factors that cause allergic inflammation!

To prevent inflammation after piercing, the most important thing is to pay attention to cleanliness and avoid bacterial infection. According to the nursing guidelines taught by the piercer, use the solutions provided on time to clean the wound correctly. As long as you handle it carefully, you can reduce the chance of inflammation.
The materials used in our shop are all meet the standard with anti-allergic materials (Surgical Steel/Titanium), which are guaranteed to be suitable for human implantation and suitable for daily wear. The piercing needles and piercing instruments used in the piercing process are directly imported from USA, sterilized by autoclave with high temperature and high pressure, and individually packaged. The piercing needles are disposable and will not be used repeatedly to ensure safety and hygiene!