Our tattoo artist Kaiser only tattoo with her own design, design brought by client only use as reference. Design are part of our tattoo service. and no design fee is required.
All tattoo design are custom-made, clients should consult tattoo artist with preferred tattoo style , idea , placement size etc.with further discussion with  tattoo artist in order to design the ideal pattern. When reviewing the designs, don’t be hesitated if there are any changes needed.
Deposit is needed to set up an appointment. The following will void your deposit (no exceptions):

1.Cancellation of scheduled appointment
2.Client not showing up for scheduled appointment(NO SHOW)
3.If you need to reschedule your appointment,please inform us 3 days prior to scheduled appointment.
   or it will be canceled less than 3 days.
4.Reservation time is to ensure that each client has ample time to get the tattoo work done, please be punctual
   More than 30 minutes late to scheduled appointment will be deemed to be canceled
5.Changing the complete idea/concept of agreed design

The deposit will be treated as a drawing fee and will not be refunded. For details of the deposit, please refer to the deposit policy.