To assure you getting a piercing you desired in a safe way, with the lowest possible damage of skin , also provide correct nursing aftercare skills,is our piercer greatest responsibility.
There are many factors for piercing inflammation. Piercing is an artificially created wound. The most important thing is to provide a good healing environment.
  • We will provide aftercare solutions, apply regularly.
  • Leave yours hand off your piercing. Don not touch the wound with you hand except wound cleaning only.
  • Maintain your health with good immune system, which helps wounds heal.
  • Do not turn your earrings.
  • Avoid prolonged pressure on the wound.
  • Avoid hair dyeing , hair styling spray , perfume or all chemicals that come into contact with the wound.
  • Clean up the fluids regularly.
Our piercer will detail explain in how to prevent inflammation, the correct way to clean the wound, and explain the possible situations after piercing. There are also different nursing suggestions for different piercing positions and piercing type.
We hope you can listen carefully and learn more so that the wound can heal under the most ideal conditions.
If you want to learn more before piercing, welcome to visit【Piercing Knowledge by Cece 】 to provide more knowledge about piercing.