We recommend you not to get tattoo under the following circumstances .

  1. For wounded skin, you need to wait until the wound is fully recovered before getting a tattoo.
  2. It is not suitable for tattoos after drinking alcohol, sickness such as cold and fever, pregnancy, diabetes, people in a long-term drugs and medical treatment, or under the influence of drugs.
  3. We recommend that you can soak in hot springs, swim and sunbathe at least three weeks after tattoo recovery. The sunburnt skin are damaged and not able to get tattooed, has wait till skin back to its normal state after peeling. Therefore, if there are any travel arrangements, please pay special attention to the appointment date.
  4. Since blood donating will be rejected for getting tattoo within a year, we hope everyone can donate blood to save lives. Please arrange a blood donation time two days in advance of the tattoo appointment date. To ensure your body has enough time to rest , avoid get tattoo on the blood donation day or day before.
  5. It should be noted that there must be adequate sleep and rest, be adequately fed  and no hypoglycemia to avoid dizziness .
  6. During menstruation, as long as there is no physical discomfort, you can get a tattoo.
    In case of any special circumstances, it is recommended to consult a tattoo artist or doctor first.