Since Studio Membership and Points Rewards Program

To thank and reward our loyal customers who have supported Since Studio for years, we are officially launching the “Since Studio Membership and Points Rewards Program” on July 18, 2023.

As a Since Studio member, you can enjoy a 10% discount on your birthday month, monthly exclusive offers, and joining in the points rewards program. For every HKD $1 spent on any product, you will receive 1 point as a reward. Accumulate 10,000 points and you can enjoy a HKD $100 discount.

The accumulated points can be used for future redemption activities launched by Since Studio to exchange for different gifts. Please refer to the periodic promotion content for details. The membership system will replace the old physical care card. We will keep aftercare records according to the member account, so you don’t have to worry about losing the care card anymore!

How to become a Since Studio member:

– Customers who purchase piercing and tattoo services in our studio can become members.
– Customers who hold piercing aftercare cards , only need to bring all cards to our store for registration. The old aftercare cards will be collected after registration.
– Non-piercing and tattoo customers who spend a minimum of HKD $500 in a single purchase at our store can also register as members.
– The membership registration form only needs to fill in simple information, including member name, phone number, and email address.
– It is recommended to fill in the birth month in the membership registration form to enjoy the “Member Birthday Month Offer”.
– Piercing aftercare services will be provided according to the member’s record. Please provide correct information such as your phone number when registering as a member.
– No membership fee is required.

Member exclusive “Birthday Month Offer”:

Members who purchase piercing services or shop at our store during their birthday month can enjoy a one-time 10% discount on the entire bill.
– The “Birthday Month Offer” can only be used once during the birthday month.
– Members need to present their ID for verification when using the “Birthday Month Offer”.
– The “Birthday Month Offer” requires a minimum spending of HKD $300.
– The “Birthday Month Offer” cannot be used in conjunction with “Member Points” redemption.
– The “Birthday Month Offer” is not applicable to tattoo services.
– The “Birthday Month Offer” is not applicable to piercing aftercare follow-up services.

“Member Points” calculation and usage:

– For every HKD $1 spent, you will receive 1 point.
– Accumulate 10,000 points and you can enjoy a HKD $100 discount.
– We will provide selected products for members to purchase with designated points and amounts.
– The validity period of “Member Points” is one year from the date of purchase. If it is not used before the expiration date, it will not be reissued.

“Member Points” notes:

– “Member Points” can be accumulated for purchases made in-store or for piercing and tattoo services.
– “Member Points” can be redeemed for discounts on piercing services or store purchases.
– “Member Points” cannot be redeemed for discounts on tattoo services.
– Members can check their accumulated points at any time in-store.
– “Member Points” are not applicable to online shopping. Online shopping does not accumulate or use “Member Points”.
– “Member Points” cannot be exchanged for cash.
– “Member Points” can only be used by the member and cannot be transferred or combined with others.
– Once “Member Points” are used, they will not be reissued.
– Customers will not receive points for rewards or benefits received through point redemption activities unless otherwise stated.
– Unless it is a systematic error of our company, “Member Points” will not be reissued under any circumstances.
– Since Studio reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the “Membership Points Program” without prior notice.
– In case of any disputes, Since Studio reserves all rights to interpret, exercise and make decisions on all terms and conditions.

Revised Date: July 18, 2023